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Are you a Barbarian Warlord?  If not, then you should rethink your infomercial inspired workout.

Kettlebells can weigh up to 50 pounds, 80 pounds, or more.  They make them all cute in colors so you forget about the fact that the mafia would use this for something else entirely.  Even a 20 foot boat often only needs a 20 pound (or less) anchor.

Kettlebells are like Killicks…(killick anchor–google it– your new word for the day) .  Hey I don’t wear a helmet to the gym, but maybe I should!

Michele’s 5 WWWWW’s of Kettlebells:

Who:  If you have arthritis or carpal tunnel, hernia or pre-existing neck/shoulder/back issues then Kettlebells are NOT for you.   It’s a hazard to YOU, your core (hernia risk), your rotator cuff/shoulder muscles and the people AROUND you while you’re swinging that thing around like a lightstick at a rave.

What:  Kettlebells are awesome with great instruction.  Kettlebells can be fun and effective with a great trainer who understands the body is a system, who has a great understanding of biomechanics, alignment, corrective exercise.

Why:  We all want hot abs.  People want a solid core, a 6 pack, etc. like on TV..that’s why people are flocking to kettlebells….because of the amazing lean core on those models on TV (( however, know that some of those folks were probably born with those abs, or could have liposculptured, or airbrushed, or…I’m sure the casting director for the infomercial did not require that the abs were a result of kettlebells)).

Where:  Kettlebells are NOT a group activity, especially with the larger weights.  Your form and posture have to be amazing for them to be safe and effective.  Not all instructors can queue a group individually.

When:  When Michele says so..When you are confident you have built a solid core with a regular comprehensive core workout that incorporates dynamic and isometric ab exercises (i.e. plank), then adding weight is something to consider with guidance to ensure good form.   Not just to be a standing daisy or noodle with a 40 pound lasso.

Oh let’s make it worse….With carpal tunnel or arthritis your grip is affected, and now we have everyone swinging 10-80 pound kettlebells around… very aware in the gym of who is around you.

What about a kettlebell mat class?   Well….I don’t have nuts, but if I did, and if I was laying on a mat like Cleopatra in a kettlebell class,  I would be very cautious of dropping my own kettlebell on, or grazing, the family jewels.

OH let’s add MUSIC.   Loud Gym Techo Music…wooo hooooo….swinging those giant anchors is even funner to the Dance Party beat.

Have fun, but the goal is to get in shape….remember the goal…

Want to make it fun and correct?


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