Moby is Magnificent at Muse School CA and MORE in 2017

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Our World Needs Great Leaders Today.

Moby is a singer, songwriter and American DJ selling over 20 million records worldwide. He has been creating hit music since the 80’s (techno/electronic dance music), internationally, and his content is just getting better.

Moby has been vegan and an animal rights activist for almost 30 years!

Moby has also co-written, produced, and remixed music for Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Daft Punk, Mylène Farmer, Brian Eno, Pet Shop Boys, Britney Spears, New Order, Public Enemy, Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, Soundgarden,  B-52s and others.” Wikipedia

Here is the link to his vegan restaurant in Silverlake California, Little Pine, that he runs himself:

I was blessed to celebrate Muse School CA’s Eleventh Anniversary Gala (see below), Under the Stars with Moby and other luminaries.  Moby led a singalong for the event:


Ring of Fire

 More Singalong- Walk on The Wild Side here:

More on Moby and MUSE School CA:

Tired of the rat race and cellphones?  Here is the link to a MUST see animated video by Moby and a great Moby song and MUST see video, Are you Lost in the World Like Me?

Are You Lost in the World Like Me?
Are You Lost in the World Like Me?

Here is my favorite new Moby song,  Don’t Leave Me from his album Are You Lost in the World Like Me with The Void Pacific Choir. His passion and compassion for the animals is evident in the music, the lyrics and the video.  This video is fierce storytelling, viewer discretion advised, but you can handle it, and it is awesome!:


Rebecca Amis, Co-Founder of Muse School CA, Moby and Michele the Trainer!

What brought us to Muse School CA?  Why is Muse School CA the Smartest Hippest place in the USA?

MUSE School CA is unique and outstanding for several reasons:

1. They offer a high educational standard, and much more for K through high school.
2. Teachers and staff dedicated to offering higher educational to everyone. Also offering MuseTalks, a speaker series.
3. Two beautiful campuses nestled in the scenic Santa Monica Mountains.
4. They have a Maker program, where they teach basic building, which includes upcycling.
5. The Maker program gave them the ability to build all their own raised bed planters for their Seed to Table Program.
6. Seed to Table is an amazing program that includes growing food and composting. You can read more in my article called One Meal a Day for the Planet:

7. Excellent abundant healthy food on campus from their certified Green Restaurant.

8. Serious sciences program taught by environmentally conscious conservation leaders.

9. Students get exposure to mentors that interest them.
10. Muse has a sister school, Good Morning School in MaeSot (Myanmar), which is the core of their human rights curriculum and a teacher who teaches both here and in Myanmar. The students interact by sharing helpful beneficial projects.
Hear Episode 7 of the Michele the Trainer Podcast for more on Solar Sunflowers.  These sunflowers are on the Muse School CA campus.

Jeff King, Head of Muse School CA was featured on my Michele The Trainer podcast, Episode 7 for the James Cameron created Solar Sunflowers.  The sunflowers are so big! :

Today we have to support leaders who lead, and being able to thank Moby in person for his work, leadership and fine example of healthy living was wonderful.

Thank you Moby for all you do.

Thank you Muse School CA for creating an environment

that attracts the world’s compassionate superstars.

Michele the Trainer
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