Support the Women’s March?  Now What?

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Fed up?  I think that was the collective vibe of the Women’s March. Overall it was in favor of PROGRESS and not rolling our progress backwards 50 to 100 years.  Many of these issues have been fought for before, and rolling backwards is unfavorable.

So you marched or supported the march.  Now what?  Now that the fun hats and signs are on the sidelines, now what?

It’s important to use that inspiration, motivation and energy to move forward.  Don’t stop momentum!

  1. Be kind
  2. Identify what your issues are. The march was NOT all about this or that.  The march represented MANY issues—they don’t all have to be yours.

It’s ridiculous to think that an entire gender would agree to support every issue. 

There are women’s issues that have existed for centuries, some have been fought for 100 years, regarding basic rights and representation.  If you don’t know what they are, ask me or google it.  If we were taught these issues in school, outside female studies, they would NOT be issues.  Lack of awareness is WHY they are issues.  If you think there are no issues, perhaps you live in a happy bubble (see #11 below).

There are workplace issues including wage gap.

 There are healthcare issues.  Remember, breast cancer is a women’s health issue. Also healthcare is an issue today for men and women.

There are human rights issues.

There are disabled and special needs issues.

There are rape and human trafficking issues.

Environmental issues.  Including climate change awareness and the DAPL pipeline issues.

Clean water issues.

Clean energy issues.

First amendment rights are under fire.

Animal rights issues too.

There are so many more.  Learn what they are and find a few that resonate with YOU.

  1. Find your voice. You can read about how I use my voice and my favorite issues to support here:
  2. Create income for yourself.

Take your oxygen first.

  1. Help other good people create income.

Bigger issues can be addressed if basic food/water/shelter issues are secure.

  1. Read. There are even some groups that review legislature. Reading is a great way to be in the know and recommend improvements.
  2. Write letters, postcards, blog posts (see #3)
  3. Find your tribe.
  4. Create your tribe if needed.
  5. Checkout reputable folks/local groups already researching your issues.
  6. Please don’t disregard “someone else’s issue.” The world is full of new generations.  We might live in a bubble today and think some issues don’t affect us.  Have compassion.  Listen to others and communicate.
  7. Self-care. Let me know if I can help. Self-care is my wheelhouse.  If we aren’t healthy it’s tough to have energy to support anything.

Let me know if I can help,

Love to all,

Michele the Trainer

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