Telsa S Review – Michele the Trainer’s Tesla S Test Drive

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Photo from my phone while the car was driving itself!

Auto Pilot!  I was driving a Tesla Model S on the freeway.  On a straight away, I clicked the lever (just like we enable highbeams, only twice) and the lines turned blue and the car was driving itself on the freeway while I had NO hands on the wheel and NO feet on the pedals, going 6o MPH ON THE FREEWAY IN TRAFFIC.  Tesla has released it’s new Auto Pilot feature.  Wow.

The blue lights on the dash (the two symbols and the double blue lines) indicate that the car is driving itself.  Yes I took this photo while the car was driving itself!  Whoa!

It’s not really autonomous, but it IS like cruise control on steroids.

Elon Musk, you’ve got it!

Close to 300 Miles per full charge.

The car is quiet. SO quiet. I have a hybrid and this car is much quieter.

Brakes are brakes and tires are tires.  All wheel drive available.

No gas gauge, no gas tank and no oil change!    I should not have been so shocked by all of this (since I drive a hybrid) but it was different.  I suppose this was my first 100% electric vehicle adventure.  It’s funny to see just a battery like on your phone on the dashboard instead of a gas gauge; yes a green battery when full!  Without all of this dirty stuff it leaves space for a carpeted Frunk (a trunk under the front hood):


Photo from

Nerds:  Teslas use Ethernet, not automotive Ethernet.  Good ol 1973 Ethernet.

Vegans: Vegan upholstery available and heated, but they didn’t have any that I could sit in 🙁

(I really can’t imagine they sell any sort of lesser seating.)

The charging port is very cool and hidden under a taillight that isn’t a taillight!  it’s just a reflector hiding the port:


Here is a review of a 2015.  The console is large and displays Google Maps.  It’s actually Linux based.  You have the internet (they will pay x years of an AT&T subscription).  You can get to YouTube but cannot play a video.  It is really nice to have a big map!


The door handles are very stylish.  See how it’s flush with the door and then pops out when the person w the key approaches? Watch for it. You might have to watch this twice:

NO KEY NEEDED. I drove the car without a key.  If it’s in your pocket that’s enough. I was like, “Hey where’s the key?”

There is also a very cool app (note, the Nissan Leaf has an app too), and you can get tricky on your own and control the app via Siri or an Apple watch (check on YouTube).

I have a zillion more chassis photos.

Let me know what your questions are.

I have a hotline to the service center now!

Here is a map of all the Supercharger stations (scroll down to see them). Look at how many red markers in California.  Note the states that are not on-board.  You can charge the car at the Supercharger stations for FREE:


Was I in love?  With the tech YES.

12235111_10208071027563178_5887702207425889317_n(1)When the X comes out then we will talk.


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