Use Your Outdoor Voice

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A post following the Woman’s March 2017

Speaking, blogging, podcasting, art, music and film are all ways and platforms to having and finding our voice. I was elated to see so many humans standing together and cheerleading online, the important issues that face us all and our future.

Bravo to the souls who participated in the Women’s March, including the supportive men, some facing weather too.  It’s beyond exciting that more people finding their voice, united, and are standing up for what they believe. Some of these issues, and others, have been around for a very long time as you know.

For example, where is the National Women’s History Museum?

I’m all for a peaceful protest. Effective! As evidenced historically by Ghandi and others:,29307,1887394,00.html

“Why are Women marching?” was a common question.  Each person can choose their position and while I may not personally support every single “cause”, we should all have the right to stand up for what we believe.

Everyone agreeing on everything is not required.

Losing individuality is not required.

Be who you are.

I’ve made my stand since I was a child, as many of you know, on some topics, such as:

Protecting the ocean, including protecting aquatics, preventing coral bleaching, etc.

Protecting the planet, including climate change

Compassionate eating for our health and for the animals

The wage gap, and many other women’s issues. Helping women make money is huge.  Supporting women owned businesses is huge.

Standing together with folks that come from a place of compassion, kindness and love who want progress is a start.  All humans can find their tribe and work together now on specific issues to make sure the world does not roll backwards.

I’m an accomplished telecommunications (computer) engineer with a second successful career in wellness/health.  While I still take contract gigs as a project manager here and there, as a wellness professional I’m able to really help people.  Today I have more freedom to have a voice, to write, record, and to do public speaking, which is tops!  I speak, support and promote various women’s groups in the Los Angeles and international community.

Since the advent of social media & self-publishing:

I authored books about organic and healthier eating, 6 of them, including recipes. Health helps all humans.

I started my blog, nonfiction, opinion, health, recipes.

I started my blog for the planet, the ocean and the animals including aquatics.

I started my podcast Michele the Trainer Show which was more technical, discussing apps, and some conservation and environment.

I produced Man Up Your Health, podcasted health tip minutes targeted to help men with their health featured on the Old Man Club Podcast. Improved self-care for everyone helps everyone.

It’s a Small World !

Why did I do all this?  Because we can.

We all can have a voice today and we should.

I’m sharing this to encourage you to have a voice.

Later, when I launched podcast it was confusing for some folks. This wasn’t engineering, health or conservation.  Today more than EVER I’m loving the work I’ve done with the IWIF show.

We do not have to be labeled.

We do not have to stay in one box.

I’ve written some screenplays, I specifically love to write water scenes, but honestly, I’m not worked in film or on a film.  The project manager in me appreciated these MASSIVE projects.  It started as assist, to help a woman promote a film she had finished in New York.  The technical knowledge to start another podcast was easy for me.  I find the content and stories fascinating.  I wanted to help women have and promote their voice, their work, their projects, and their vision.  I knew I could produce this platform.

THEN that moment when Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez stood up to applaud Patricia Arquette, I knew I had to do this.  (

Here it is:

I felt wonderful yesterday about my decision to do this work.

One of my other validations yesterday was more colorful:

The Michele the Trainer logo is mostly fuchsia, which fell under scrutiny when I started Michele the Trainer ten years ago. I chose it as an inclusive color of love and compassion (and hey, it also happens to flatter my olive Sicilian/Italian and Latina skin tone.)

Years ago, a woman, trying to help I suppose, told me, “that color pink is not professional for you and your brand.”

Look at the photos and videos from yesterday.  It warmed my heart to see the movies and photos of an international sea of bright pink hats full of strength and support.  HAHAHAHA!

Bravo and Love to all!  I’d love to hear from you.


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