Workouts that will Really Work For You – Lose Weight, Gain Muscle, Get Lean and Hard

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There are tons of people who could use the help of a personal trainer, but have just as many reasons not to hire one. These might be a few of yours:

  • You don’t want to be intimidated by a supermodel or worked too hard by a musclehead.
  • You don’t want to have to follow someone around in the gym.
  • You don’t need help with the machines; you need help getting to the gym (showing up).
  • Most of the personal trainers at the gym incompetent.
  • The trainers at the gym are muscleheads and you just want flat abs.

A personal trainer doesn’t need to be there every minute watch you pump iron or ride a bike. Your personal trainer is there to motivate you, help you overcome obstacles, and to nudge you just enough to keep you moving toward your goals.

Recently, I was contacted by Jessica from Minnesota. The 2,000 mile distance didn’t make a bit of difference.

Jessica had just had a baby and wanted to lose some of the baby weight. Also, for the first time, she felt like she needed to take better care of herself.

I helped her to develop an exercise routine that fits her schedule. Now she even takes her baby, Anson, with her to a Baby and Me yoga class at her local gym.

We upgraded her meals by adding more foods she loves, vegetables and lean proteins, helping her get away from the heavy foods she grew up eating.

In less than three weeks, she lost 4 inches and 15 pounds.

“I love that I don’t feel deprived. I look great, I’m losing weight, and I am never hungry.”

I can help you achieve your goals by being your Remote Personal Trainer. Through telephone, Skype, and email, together we can set the goals that you want achieve, lay out a plan for achieving them, and keep you on that path. Sometimes we can feel like we are struggling and we just need someone to share that with (who has been there) to overcome that hurdle.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, get a flat stomach, or get into great overall shape, I can help you without ever stepping foot into a gym with you. Learning to work the machines or find the right weights will be easy for you to learn. The most difficult part is the part I can help you with the most: the motivation to work toward your goals every single day.

Some people don’t exercise because they feel like they are in terrible shape. I understand that. Unfortunately, this is a lot like being terribly sick and not wanting to go to the doctor. Gyms aren’t necessary! I can work with you remotely, you can work at home or outdoors and never set foot into a gym unless you want to, and still get into great shape and feel better.

I can show you how to get started at your own pace and adjust your workout to your abilities. Together we can navigate over those rough days when you feel like exercise is the last thing you want to do. Here’s a secret that I don’t keep secret: I was once 165 pounds heavier than I am today! That’s like another whole person! I know how you feel and I know how to help you get past the feeling that you can’t succeed.

Don’t let another day go by thinking that you should get in better shape, but there is no one who can help you.  I can and I will.

Contact me and let’s get started.  Call or email me for your free consultation.

Michele the Trainer

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