HUARACHE – Mexican Hummus Pizza, by Michele the Trainer

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Michele the Trainer’s HUARACHE, featuring Nopales which serve up many health benefits

Imagine a corn tortilla pizza with hummus instead of sauce topped with Mexican spiced vegetables. Sortof like a Mexican Hummus Pizza.  This has protein from the hummus and a lot of veggies.

Huarache is a shoe in Mexico and traditionally the masa, or corn base is handmade in the shape of an oval (which is amazing and you can consider that if you have time), that mimics the shape of a Huarache shoe sole.  Here we are speeding up our process and increasing the size of our Huarache with organic store bought corn tortillas, layered, for our base.   If you did make your own masa base you could make a larger base as well to fit your oval plate.  Today we’re just getting this done for some healthy fast food.

Consider this a breakfast dish too.  The goal is to eat it while it’s warm.

I’m adding warming all of the things, so that you’re not putting cold sauce on a warm tortilla. Once you make one Huarache, you can go crazy with options.  I like this the most with Tahini sauce (recipe in my book Sexy Salads) that has some chipotle in it, but you can use store bought hummus.  You can even save time by getting hummus that already has habanero, jalapeno, or chipotle in it.

My Tahini Sauce, Hummus and Guacamole recipes can all be found in my book, Sexy Salads.

This is nice looking on an oval shaped plate, warmed.

Please read this recipe through before starting and always use organic ingredients when possible:


Hummus or Tahini sauce

Chipotle powder

Mushrooms, sliced (usually 1 box)

Nopales (Diced cactus from prickly pear cactus paddles that is usually sold in a plastic bag in the produce section). When Nopales are sauteed alone they look like this:

1 diced tomato

1 Onion chopped

Garlic 8 cloves (you do not have to use all 8 cloves to saute, but you can if you love garlic). Press them in using Garlic press

1 Tbsp Oregano leaves

**OPTIONAL: Vegan Chorizo. You can saute this with your veggies but you will change the entire flavor, which is fine, but it’s almost a sequel, Michele the Trainer’s Chorizo Huarache 2 J

Celtic Sea Salt, fine ground

Lime wedges

Optional Toppings:

Hot hot sauce (I like Habanero, but it’s very hot)

Cilantro, chopped

Black olives, chopped


Thin sliced radishes


In a frying pan, saute mushrooms, tomato, nopales, garlic, oregano and salt (the tomato should give you enough liquid to saute in, you can use a touch of water if you want). **Optional vegan chorizo (read note above)?

Saute stirring until the mushrooms are cooked and the nopales have some flavor.   Drain them, and set them aside when they are done.

Layering finale:

Warm an oval shaped plate that can be warmed

Prep your hummus, by mixing in some chipotle powder, and warm it a bit if you want (so that it’s not cold when you assemble your Huarache)

Heat your corn tortillas last.

When you’re ready to assemble

Layer your heated corn tortillas to cover your oval plate.

Next layer is tahini or hummus.

Next layer is your sautéed vegetables (drained first)

Salt to taste

Top with your optional toppings.

Eat it while it’s warm!  Serve warm with a lime wedge on the side.


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