Startups in the Holy Land – Technology in Israel

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Tel Aviv Israel and the beautiful beaches along the coast


When the public think of technology startups, they think of Silicon Valley. People ‘in the know’ have always known that Israel is the home of a lot of technology innovations and companies.


Startups in Jerusalem:



Established companies like Apple, Intel, and Cisco are in Israel. Companies like these global powerhouses and hundreds of others have arrived in the country to take advantage of higher education levels and innovative environment.


Israel has its own homegrown startups that are creating products and ideas that are profound and amazing, including medical technologies.


In his article, “15 Israeli Startups to Watch in 2016,” Dave Kerpen shines a light on how startups are doing everything possible from changing the operations of our windows operating system to the ones that have created a technology that removes tumors and cures cancer. These startups are leading the world in creating technologies that will change our lives forever.


In September 2016, Israel’s largest technological body housing over 4,000 tech-minded innovators will gather to show off their latest breakthrough ideas at the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival. Their website says it all, “Boasting top technological talent, the highest venture capital investments per capita and multinational centers for industry leaders such as Intel, Google, Microsoft, Kimberly-Clark, Amazon, GM, Amdocs, Facebook and more. Tel Aviv is the best location to get up close and personal with the entire Hi-tech hub!”

This is a powerhouse gathering of the region’s most creative and leading-edge techies. Sponsorships and tickets are available through is the heart of much of this innovative energy. This is the official city incubator website that is linked to two city-sponsored co-working spaces, events, and much more. This website and the group of people behind it, are the proof that not only is Tel Aviv leading the way, but that the city’s and the country’s leadership is committed to keeping Israel at the very forefront of technological advancements.


One of the dynamics that is promoting all of this growth and innovation are startup Setups. Using technology to promote technology, entrepreneurs from all over the country are getting together to talk about their ideas, share lessons learned and collaborate to create some fantastic technology.


Startups in Tel Aviv:



If you want to hear about  one of Israel’s most successful startups, listen to Episode 3 of the Michele the Trainer podcast. Shaun Waksman of talks about his business, as well as the entrepreneurial environment in Israel.


Here is the iTunes Link


Israel is committed to technology, all led by a culture of growth and innovation that is unparalleled anywhere in the world.


If anyone wants to brainstorm ideas, here’s a free video that will help you get started, Idea Brainstorming


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